PL 160 - Cleaner

PL160 pulitriceThe cleaner is used in all the finishing and polishing processes of metal pieces obtained with castings. On the protruding spindles are installed circular brushes, that can be metallic or fibres. Such brushes by rotating at a high speed perform the cleaning and polishing of the pieces.

The Sirio PL160 cleaner can rotate at two different speeds: 1400 rpm and 2800 rpm.

This enables the machine to choose the proper speed according to the type of process employed. Accessories to this machine, are two plastic “splash guards”, which placed behind the brushes gather the dust and metallic chips.


Technical Specifications:

PL 160
Power Supply 230 V - 50/60 HZ
Power 400 W
Weight 12 Kg
Rotatine speed 1.400/2.800 rpm


Paraspruzzi per pulitrice
PL 166 Splash Guards