WOODY - SR 200 - Drill Plaster Machine

SR200 foragessiThe SR200 Drill Plaster Machine is capable of drilling plaster models or plexi-glass and PVC bases for the application of conical pins in the removable stump technique.
The machine is supplied with a Laser pointer system that allows a fast and safe alignment of the perforation.
This is done by holding firmly with both hands the model in the position where the drill must be performed (indicated by the red laser beam) and at the same time, by lowering the working surface towards the rotating tip.
The perforation depth can be regulated by rotating a nut, clearly located on the front of the machine.
This machine is very precise and vibrations free: a due condition if a perfect drilling wants to be obtained. The engine is powerful and enables the end user to drill also plexi-glass and PVC bases.
Tip Supplied Conical  (Zeiser type)
Alternative Tip (at your request) 2 diameters (Pindex Type)


Technical Specifications:

SR 200
Power Supply 230 V - 50/60 HZ
Rotating Speed 2.800 rpm
Power 120 Watt
Tip Diameter 3 mm
Dimensions 25 (L) x 26 (P) x 40 (H) cm
Weight 15 Kg