P 400 - Hydraulic press

P400 pressaidraulicaThe hydraulic press is used by the dental technician to mould mobile prosthesis. The hydraulic press P400 is able to clamp up to 3 muffles and reach a maximum pressure of 400 bars, exerting on the muffles a force of 15000Kg. (150.000 N).
This is an excessive pressure and in order not to damage the muffles, the working pressure must be limited to 200 bar.
The oil-pressure circuit is fully airtight and doesn’t need any maintenance.


Technical Specifications: 

P 400
Working Pressure 200 Bar
Max Pressure 400 Bar
Working Force 15.000 Kg
Weight 20 Kg


 Muffole e Staffe per Pressa Idraulica
SR 138 Bracket for hydraulic press for 2 flasks
SR 136 Bracket S2 for 2 flasks
SR 135 Bracket S1 for 1 flask
SR 130 Brass flask 4 parts
SR 131 Brass flask 4 parts reinforced
SR 132 Snap flasking box