SCAL 110 - Pneumatic Chisel

Pneumatic Chisel

The SCAL 110 has been designed for dental technician laboratories.
It is an essential tool for plasters in mobile prosthesis and coatings in fixed ones.
The body is in stainless steel giving the chisel a compact structure decreasing the vibrations to the hand.
The hand-piece must be connected to a plug of air compressed featuring a pressure reducer and possibly an automatic oil-feeder.
The incision power varies according to the air pressure and it can be regulated by rotating the bush located on the hand-piece.


Technical Specifications:

SCAL 110
Air pressure 5/6 Bar
Air consuption 40-50 Lt/Min
Noise Level 78 dB (A)
Lenght 14 cm
Diameter 21 mm
Weight 200 gr