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Our Mission

We manufacture a wide range of equipment for the dental laboratories


All our products are designed by us at your premises and they are the result of our technical skills and long experience in the dental sector, along with our close cooperation with external collaborators enriching our projects with specialized knowledge and the state-of-the-art resulting from the latest scientific discoveries.


All our products are manufactured and assembled at our premises located in Meldola (Forlì-Cesena) Italy.  
Each single machine is tested by our technicians for ensuring quality and safety.


We take great care in the choice of packing materials and on how to pack our products in order to strictly comply with the needs of eco-friendly rules of waste disposal and the respect for the environment.


We are at the user's side throughout the life of the product: from the choice of the model, according to his needs, to technical assistance, which can be direct or by phone, during installation and use of the product throughout a network of reliable and affiliated repairers.

We are engaged in a continuous search for new technical solutions compatible with the environment.

Sirio Dental Division team’s know out has allowed the Company to develop dental equipment useful for productivity and, at the same time, meeting the requirements of the respect for the environment.

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Advanced Technologies and
Passion for our work

Sirio Dental Division has been manufacturing equipment for dental technicians since 1983. In all these years the company has been a supplier to large commercial groups and has designed and built equipment meeting the favor of all customers around the world...


Our customers choose SIRIO because, along with equipment, they know that they engage the cooperation of an historic company in the Italian dental market.

State of the art solutions

Our machines are continuously updated to the current "state-of-the-art" of the dental technique as to always obtain a greatly competitive and efficient final product.

Always at your disposal

Our technical team is always at customer’s disposal, providing him direct or remote technical support , by phone or by video-conference while using Sirio’s equipment. Our after-sales service is always operational and can guarantee any repair or supply of spare parts up to 10 years from the date the machine will be replaced by a new model.

Skilled technicians

Our customers have the opportunity to deal with skilled dental technicians who are basically our pilot laboratories using our equipment for gathering all the different experiences in order to obtain the best results.


We have always pursued a policy of low prices and our intention is to continue even in this time of great uncertainty. Our equipment, while excelling in quality, is offered to our all our customers at very competitive prices especially due to the extremely advantageous promotional offers that are regularly proposed on the Market.  

  • Foragessi

  • Generatori di vapore

  • Bunsen

  • Centrifuga

  • Forni per ceramica

  • Forni per cilindri

  • Fonditrice

  • Foragessi

  • Fotopolimerizzatore

  • Bidone aspiratutto

  • Generatori di vapore

  • Mescolatori

  • Micromotori

  • Muffole

  • Pressa

  • Pulitrice

  • Sabbiatrice

  • Scalpello

  • Seghetto

  • Squadramodelli

  • Staffe

  • Stampante 3 D

  • Vibratori

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