LUXOR CERAMIC SR 852 - Ceramic Furnace

SR852 ceramic furnaceThe SR 852 “Luxor Ceramic” is the last generation furnace for firing ceramics, it is managed by an electronic control designed to extremely simplify and ease up the technician’s work in ali the working cycle phases.
Here are the main innovations introduced by the electronic control: a very powerfui 16 bit microprocessor; a frontal Encoder for the input and research of both data and functions; a “Flash” type memory which can be re-set and updated by the operator through Internet (this allows the possibility to update at any time the furnace with the last software version); the LCD Display backlit by a blue light which improyes contrast and clearness of the images.

The furnace can memorise up to 100 programmes, with 15 functions (variables) per programme, can manage the vacuum level and regulate the cooling speed. All tnese features along with a simple and rugged mechanics make of this “Luxor Ceramic” a very flexible furnace perfect to fine any kind of ceramic.


Technical Specifications:

SR 852
Power Supply 230 V  - 50/60 Hz
Power (no pump) 1200 W
Fuses 10 A
Dimensions 40 (L) x 44 (P) x 50 (H) cm
Weight 30 Kg
Available programmes 100
Functions (variables) per programme 15
Temperature Calibration YES


Accessori forno cottura Ceramica laboratorio odontotecnico
SR 805     Oil -less vacuum pump - rated delivery: 2.7 mc/h     Vacuum 750,00 mmHg
SR 807     Firing round TRAY ø 60 mm        
SR 808     Firing square TRAY 55x55 mm         
SR 809     Ceramic Pin ø 2/3  x 25mm -  15 pcs

Setting Variable per cycle:


F 1 ta Drying Temperature (or starting temperature) from 20° to 1200° Celsius. This temperature is obtained with a fixed slawe rate of 70°C/min     
F 2 t1 Drying Time or Muffle closing time (minutes and seconds). Once the Drying Temperature TA is reached, the plate will lift itself and according to the set value of this variable will close the muffle
F 3 t3 Drying Time with closed muffle before the firing begins (in minutes and seconds). This time can be important to balance the inner muffle temperature after this has closed. If you set 0, after having closed the muffle the oven will start immediately the heating of the following phase F4
F 4 TC Firing Temperature from 20° up to 1200°C
F 5 VC Slawe rate (in °C/min.) It varies from 2 to 200°C/min
F 6 tc Firing time (in minutes and seconds)
F 7 Vacuum (1=YES, 0=NO)
F 8 tv-on Starting temperatures of the vacuum pump. The vacuum can be set during the firing phase: therefore TV-ON must be higher or the same as TA
F  9 tv-off Off temperature of the vacuum pump. It can be lower or the same as TC
F 10 tv-off Lasting time of the vacuum to the TC. This value must be set only in this case TV-OFF=TC
F 11 %V Vacuum level expressed in % of the absolute vacuum
F 12 TR Guided cooling up to the pre-set temperature. The oven will cool slowly with a the cooling speed set in F13 before starting to open the muffle
F 13 vr Cooling speed in C°/min during the slow cooling
F 14 t3 Muffle opening time (in minutes and seconds). If you set the value 0 the muffle will automatically open
tf Final Temperature: it is the temperature the oven has been pre-set at the end of the cycle. This value will be set depending on the cooling temperature of the next cycle

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