SR 903 - Steamcleaner


Water supply direct connection Operative pressure selection from 2 to 8 Bar through CPU with display of existing pressure in tank.

Fixed nozzle steam function.
Mobile spray gun water, steam or water/steam mix with flow delivery regulation.
Low voltage foot control.

Safety devices:
manual relay pressure switch and mechanical safety valve.
Control of minimum and maximum water levels in boiler.
Pump correct performance control with resistance deactivation and signalling on display.
Stainless steel boiler 4 Lt. capacity. Stainless steel joinery.
Cock for purified water collection.
Wall installation possibility.

Technical Specifications:

SR 903
Fluid Steam + Water
Filling Water Supply
Absorbed Power 2200 W
Pressure 8 Bar
Boiler Capacity 4 Lt
Boiler Material Stainless steel
Power Supply 230 V - 50/60 HZ
Dimensions 56 (L) x 31 (P) x 36 (H) cm 
Weight 18 Kg

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