IN MIX - SR 330 - Vacuum Mixer

in mix vacuum mixerVersions: 
Wall Version (SR 330 W)
Table Version (SR 330 T).

The INmix Mixer provides great in-vacuum paddle-mixing of coatings, plasters and alginates for dental use. Although small and compact, the INmix mixer has an extensive as-standard equipment range (from the digital electronic Timer to the in-built oil-less vacuum pump, and moreover the exclusive mixing speed range from 100 to 500 rpm) which make this device extremely versatile and a must in any dental modern laboratory. The bowls are kept in place by the vacuum created inside which makes the device compact and easy to use.

Standard accessory: medium bowl 500cc.


Technical Specifications: 

Power Supply 230 V - 50 HZ
Power 500 W
Paddle Speed
100-500 rpm
Max Vacuum
730 mmHg
Standard Bowl
SR 334
Dimensions 15 (L) x 27 (P) x 22 (H) cm
Weight 11 Kg


mescolatore sottovuoto accessori
SR 331 Wall Bracket
SR 332 Bench Support
SR 333 Complete small bowl 200cc
SR 334 Complete medium bowl 500cc
SR 335 Complete big bowl 1000cci


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