SPEEDY MIX - SR 361 - Vacuum Mixer

SR361 mescolatore gessi

The SR 361 “SPEEDY-MIX” Mixer for coatings and cast and plasters can perform the entire cycle (paddling, pouring of the coating, vibration) in vacuum conditions. The incorporated vacuum pump is a “Dry pump”, without oil and it’ s entirely maintenance-free.
The paddling is obtained by a gear motor that makes the paddle rotate at a speed varying from 100 to 500 rpm. The machine is supplied with a digital electronic Timer that can be used to set the paddling time. As the pre-set time elapses (shown on the display), the paddling stops and the pouring and vibration can start.
During the pouring of the coating, the vibrator can be turned on and the intensity regulated. All the quantities are visualized by a big LCD Display backlit.. This vacuum paddle and pouring processing assures excellent results, with compact coatings air bubbles and blowholes free.

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply 230 V - 50 HZ
Power 600 W
Paddle Speed 100-500 rpm
Max Vacuum 730 mmHg
Standard Bowls SR 352 - SR 354 - SR 355
Dimensions 30 (L) x 42 (P) x 61 (H) cm
Weight 35 Kg


Tazze opzionali per mescolatore sottovuoto
SR 352 standard bowl for coatings  650cc
SR 354 standard bowl for plasters  650cc
SR 355 lower bowl
SR 356 cover with paddle
SR 100 rubber base for cylinders


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