ZIRCONIA sintering furnace SR 770 - IN Sint 1600

This oven allows the sintering of Zirconia products after machining on the milling machine.
The “SR 770 INsint 1600” furnace can operate with 20 heating programs in which up to 6 phases can be set for each program. The oven controls the temperature both in the heating phase and in the cooling phase, thus allowing very slow cooling also.
The SR 770 furnace is able to make both traditional slow and fast cycles managing to rise in temperature in a minimum time of 90 minutes, thus allowing to perform even very slow cooling.



Technical Specifications:

SR 770
Supply voltage 230V AC 50-60Hz
Power  2.500W
Max. Temperature 1600°C
Number of programs (or cycles) 20
Number of phases / program 6
Room size  cm11x12x12
External dimensions Cm 390(L)x500(H)x250(P)
Number of resistances 4
Min Rising time to 1600 ° C  90 min
Weight Kg 55

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