SIBARI SR 620 - Photopolymerizator

SR620 fotopolimerizzatoreSIBARI allows the lightpolymerizing of all acrylic and light-sensitive materials on the market. The material to be lightpolimerized is placed on the rotating plate which allows a complete light exposure.The machine is supplied with a cooling fan located on the back, allowing long working times without any overheating of the composites.

The maximum internal temperature during the lightpolymerization never exceeds 50 deg. C.
8 fluorescent lights and I 1 50W halogen light, placed around the rotating piate allow the emission of UVA rays and white light, covering the complete spectrum of all light curing materials (320 - 550 nm).

Furthermore, the halogen lamp allows the possibility to process polymerization cycles with heating.The SIBARI lightpolymerizator is managed by a microprocessor electronic control, with the possibility to perform a cycle with or without the halogen lamp, to set the lightpolymerization time and choose to do the final cooling or not.


Technical Specifications:

SR 620
Power Supply 230 V - 50/60 HZ
Power 320 W
Fuses 3,15 A
Weight 10 Kg

Standard Equipment:

Accessori per foto-polimerizzazione di tutti i materiali foto-attivi
N. 4 4x9 Watt PLS910 Lamp
N. 4 4x9 Watt PLS952 Lamp
N. 1 150 Watt Halogen Lamp
N. 5 Supporting Pins
N. 1 Plexiglass Plate with Holes

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