TWISTER - SR 400 - Laboratory Micromotor

SR400 laboratory micromotorsState-of-the-art micromotor with brushless motor that provides fully reliable operation even at high working speeds. Ideal for a vast range of dentai lab work, it is, thanks to its 40,000 RPM capacity, especially suitable for hard metals and ceramic.

SR 400P Foot version.
The control is placed on the floor and activated with the foot. To turn on and start the machine move with your foot the feeder lever from its central position, either to the left or the right. Use the same lever to regulate the handpiece rotation speed: the more you move the lever, the more the speed will increase. Maximum speed is reached with the lever all the way to the right or the left. By releasing the lever, this will go back to its central position and the micromotor will come to a halt.

SR 400T Table version.
The control is placed on the table and the foot/lever ON/OFF on the floor. To turn on the machine press the main switch located on the feeder front panel. To regulate the handpiece rotation speed, rotate the knob potentiometer, also located on the front panel: the speed increases by rotating the knob clockwise. By pressing the foot pedal you start the handpiece, and the speed will increase to the set potentiometer level. By releasing the foot pedal, the micromotor will come to a halt.


Technical Specifications:

SR 400
Power Supply 230 V - 50/60 HZ
Power 200 W
Rotation Speed 3.000 - 40.000 rpm
Standard Chuck 2.35 mm
Optional Chuck 3 mm


Versioni Micromotori da laboratorio Odontotecnico
SR 400 P - Foot version
SR 400 T - Table version

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