Motor-driven centrifuge

SR301 Motor-driven centrifuge

SR 300 Minni CO e SR 301 Minni CB

The motor-driven centrifuge is used, during casting processes with oxi-propane blow torch, to pour the fused metal inside the cylinder.
The machine is entirely manufactured in compliance with the CEE safety directives  and therefore allows the performance of the operation in complete operator’s safety. The machine works exclusively when completely closed and the rotating movement is produced by a self-braking engine, which will stop the machine as soon as the operating door is opened.
The centrifuge MINNI is provided with a digital Timer which enables the end user to set the centrifuge time and with a start-up speed adjuster, depending on the type of casting metal. The machine arm has two joints, allowing a slow and soft starting. Completely built in Stainless Steel is unique in its features. The machine is already set and balanced to work with “Degussa” type cylinders and crucibles.


Technical Specifications:

Bench Model
Model with Cabinet
Dimensions 60 (L) x 57 (P) x 33 (H) cm 60 (L) x 57 (P) x 94 (H) cm
Weight 43 KG 60 KG
Power Supply 230 V - 50/60 Hz 230 V - 50/60 Hz
Power 370 W 370 W
Fuses 10 A 10 A

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